People swiping and online dating
How the swipe has changed online dating forever

The sexiest way to date of all – using data.

It’s certainly not the sexiest thought in the world, is it? When you think of dating, you don’t think of analyzing and number-crunching your way to a great date, match, […]

People swiping and online dating

How the Swipe has changed online dating forever.

For the better (I think), the swipe has changed how we date online. Swiping. The swiping I reference is now a feature of almost every current and new dating application […]


This 98 lbs. asian girl is the Incredible Hulk in petite form.

On August 12, 2014, subway riders in Beijing were treated to a show of mind boggling  proportions. According to a smattering of Weibo users (the China equivalent of Twitter), riders […]


The most awesome way to score a girlfriend. Ever.

Singaporean local and balls-to-the-wall extraordinaire, Terry Chia, recently made waves in the interwebs by looking at the above statement and bitch slapping in the face with an unwashed, open palm. […]

Shirtless duckface selfies for all! Here are some better suggestion for your dating profile.

danrounder5 asks: Hey Patrick, I’ve heard from friends that I should use a wide variety of pictures in my online dating profiles. What are your thoughts on what pictures I […]

Person crossing the street in San Francisco

Uber, Lyft, SideCar – the newest way to score a date

When did ridesharing companies become dating services as well? Last week week, in fact. The competition and battle for riders, drivers and coverage continued to boil when Uber, Lyft and […]


These 4 online dating openers got me 17 dates in 4 weeks.

The art of engaging with girls on Tinder/Hinge is a fine balancing act between being brash and flirty, and not alienating your match with statements that are too suggestive or […]


6 San Francisco bars guaranteed to score you points on your first date

You finally scored that first date with the girl you’ve been texting/tindering/hinge’ing/CMB’ing. So now, where do you go? You don’t want to seem lame and pick a Starbucks. But you […]

3 failsafe ways to avoid the FRIENDZONE

It’s got to be one of the worst feelings in the world. You’re excited for your date, listened to your ‘pump up’ playlist (which better include a combination of The […]

Quit the nice guy sh*t!

Nice guys always seem to finish last. Or do they? I’ll tell you one thing – women LOVE nice guys. Who doesn’t like being treated well? What women DON’T love […]