Services to help with your date planning

Icing on the cake: Five services to help you plan a badass date

Planning takes too much time. You have to figure out availability, location, the activity, and take care of any logistical issues, such as transportation. Whether you’re planning for that first […]

THE 5 Fundamental Texting Commandments

[Originally appeared at the Coffee Meets Bagel Blog] Online dating can be a serious grind at times. Can’t we just meet people organically and naturally within our daily lives? Oh, […]


Introducing the Newest Tactic to Score a Girlfriend – Groveling.

As the fine people in China have demonstrated over and over again, they are willing to do just about anything and everything, all in the name of love. Surely, there must […]

online dating messaging

Online dating – the necessity of messaging and how we can improve it.

With the transition of web-based online dating to the mobile phone, navigating the online dating world has become much more easy for the following reasons: Convenience:  Your phone is always […]


How will Tinder Change Future Demographics?

I am going to keep it light for ya’all, but I hope I grabbed you with that headline…How could a simple swipe change the fabric of future society??  But yes, […]


FOR GUYS: 6 warning signs that your date is going to suck major ass.

Editor’s Note: PART I in a TWO PART series. For guys, the first time you meet someone for that first “date” can suck major ass. Your hands get sweaty, you […]


First date jitters? Here are our top 5 products and services to help you ace your date.

Met someone from an online dating service? Check. Scheduled a day and time to meet? Check. Feel confident and ready to make things happen? Maybe? Hrm. For those of us that […]

Online dating pay per date

Striking out with monthly memberships? Enter the dating industry’s rising pay-per-date model

There’s no shortage of dating applications and services launching every week. Free apps. Friends-of-friends focused. Matchmaking services. The same app based on some traditional online dating company, but now optimized […]

The 5 absolute BEST moments of a date

All good things must come to an end, even the most wonderful dates that we’ve ever pulled off. Did you sleep with her? Score. Did you truly connect with her […]


Here is how you automate your Tinder swipes.

With the average American working 40 hours  a day, that is 40 hours that you could be using towards, you know, working the hell out of Tinder. Sure, some people […]