First date jitters? Here are our top 5 products and services to help you ace your date.

Met someone from an online dating service? Check. Scheduled a day and time to meet? Check. Feel confident and ready to make things happen? Maybe? Hrm. For those of us that […]

Online dating pay per date

Striking out with monthly memberships? Enter the dating industry’s rising pay-per-date model

There’s no shortage of dating applications and services launching every week. Free apps. Friends-of-friends focused. Matchmaking services. The same app based on some traditional online dating company, but now optimized […]

The 5 absolute BEST moments of a date

All good things must come to an end, even the most wonderful dates that we’ve ever pulled off. Did you sleep with her? Score. Did you truly connect with her […]


Here is how you automate your Tinder swipes.

With the average American working 40 hours  a day, that is 40 hours that you could be using towards, you know, working the hell out of Tinder. Sure, some people […]


Ain’t nobody got time for that! The top 3 methods to close on a dating app.

Guess what every dating app and site’s primary (and really… only) purpose is? Facilitating actual meetings and getting you face to face with your match. In the end, the app’s […]

The 5 Jewish Girls You’ll Meet on JDate

If you (A) had a Bar Mitzvah, (B) loved your Birthright trip, (C) know what Birthright even is, or (D) emigrated from the former Soviet Union in the early ‘90s, […]


The 5 stellar restaurant choices to court the girl of your dreams.

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Are they THE ONE? The only 3 questions you need to ask…

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The sexiest way to date of all – using data.

It’s certainly not the sexiest thought in the world, is it? When you think of dating, you don’t think of analyzing and number-crunching your way to a great date, match, […]

People swiping and online dating

How the Swipe has changed online dating forever.

For the better (I think), the swipe has changed how we date online. Swiping. The swiping I reference is now a feature of almost every current and new dating application […]